Hi SQL Server Lovers!

Yes, It is true that normally I talk about cases or issues that happens to me that I share with you, but this time I’m going to talk about something different. I like doing certifications (this one was the 10th time that I did an exam), it force me to study and help me to learn new things. This was my first time also to take a beta exam but also I had to take it from home since the training centers are closed (I don’t need to explain why…). Below some things that I want to share:

Training that I did


Thoughts about the exam:

Well, this was the largest exam that I took (2 hours took to me more or less to complete it), it was very interesting since this had questions about everything. I’ll reccommend to follow the links that I paste above or do trainings about the exam 70-765 (Provisioning SQL Databases) since the topics are related. Since this is a beta exam I didn’t get the result, so I need to wait until this exam go in GA to see the result.

I hope this help you!